Trabajar con la Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz ha mejorado exponencialmente mi ejecución como FreeLancer, gracias a su maravillosa dinámica de comunicación e intercambio de ideas.

Doriana Marino,
architecta, diseño 3D, Venezuela

Working with Carmen has been great journey with various learning opportunities to grow yourself as Digital Marketing Expert. Working with her I have learn so many tools, technologies and applications. She hired me on Upwork with small task for Facebook custom page edits in 2013 and over the years we have built more than 20+ websites together and still counting…

Somorjit Konthoujam,
Freelance Front-end Developer, Pune, India

Gracias a la Dra Carmen Delia Ortiz y a los proyectos en los que hemos participado juntos, he aprendido lo que es ser un freelancer integral abriéndose un mundo de posibilidades para mí.

Carlos Colina,
ingeniero, editor de audio y video, Chile

When I started my freelancing career with UPWORK at 2015 and bid first 3 jobs I got my first client and her name is Carmen Delia Ortiz. My journey started with her company. She is great. When I fall in trouble she just grabs my hand to make me successful. I delivered her my best work and she has helped me to be a good freelancer with her best feedback and ratings. I have many clients on Upwork but I have never seen any other like Dr. Carmen Ortiz

Md. Asaduzzaman Tonmoy,
Graphic Designer, Bangladesh

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Internet Marketing Specialist
Social Marketing Specialist 2016
Holistic Cancer
Financial Planner

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